18 January 2011

The Off-Day Workout

This workout requires no equipment.
In my efforts to drop 50 pounds last year, I developed an at-home workout plan called the T-Day Workout. The T stood for "torture," referring to the fact that I would work out until I was unable to walk straight. It also referred to the days of the week during which I would workout: Tuesday, Thursday, and SaTurday. While a three-day workout plan is encouraged in the health and fitness community, I found myself occasionally itching to do more. So I came up with a quick, simple at-home workout that I could do on my "off" days.

One of the main benefits of this particular workout is how cost-effective it is. You are not required to pay a gym membership, nor do you need to purchase any special equipment. Hell, you don't even have to buy special clothes. All you need is enough space on the floor to lie down on, and about ten to twenty minutes, depending on how fast you choose to go.

The plan is simple. You begin with twenty push-ups. Immediately upon completing the push-ups, roll over and to twenty sit-ups or crunches. Once those are finished, roll back over to your stomach and do a twenty second plank. Repeat this rotation until you have done 100 of each exercise. This will provide you with a fantastic core workout, focusing mainly on your abdominal and pectoral muscles. Don't worry if you're not at the point where you can do 100 of each exercise, just do your best. Now, by do your best I do not mean do twenty of each and call it a day. I mean if push-ups 50-100 are little more than a slight bend of the elbow, its okay, you'll eventually get to a point where you can not only easily do this exercise, but add rotations to it.

With that being said, I myself need to bring this workout back into my repertoire. Last year's 50 pound goal was nearly met, as I lost 45 pounds. Unfortunately, as the summer months waned, I got out of my active routine and ended up gaining back ten of those pounds. This year's goal is to drop an additional 35 pounds, a process which will be detailed in monthly installments here on the What.

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