14 June 2012

Scaling Down #4 - The Sunday Run

Each year hordes of people make a New Year's resolution to lose weight. In January, gyms are overcrowded with well-meaning people on treadmills desperate to lose a few pounds. By February, most have given up. In 2010, I was able to lose 45 pounds without the help of a trainer, special program, crazy diet, or supplements. We here at the What want to help you stay fit and healthy in a simple and natural way.

The Sunday Run

There are few things more rewarding in life than a lazy Sunday. A day to sit back, relax, put your feet up and your work down. Sunday is a day for hammocks, cookouts, football, and fun. But for one hour each Sunday morning, you should set aside some time for a Sunday run.

If you have been keeping up with our fitness features here at the What, you have probably settled into a nice routine of weight lifting Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and putting yourself through torture with the T-Day Workout on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. If you are going through that routine, a tip of the hat to you. But there are those who want more, and for them, there is the Sunday run.

13 June 2012

Mixtape Madness #15 - The Workout Mix

According to the novel High Fidelity the making of a good mix tape, like breaking up, is hard to do. Furthermore, a good mix is never finished. You never know when you will come across a song that changes the dynamic of the mix you just completed. There is a litany of intricacies to crafting the ideal mix no matter what the mix’s intended purpose should be. This feature is merely a guide on the cosmic highway of mix making, and while experienced, the writer does not claim to be an expert.

The Workout Mix
Over the past couple of years I have found that I can run faster, maintain an intense workout, and push myself further just by playing the right music. It has reached a point that if I don't have my regular workout tunes playing, I either don't bother or make a half-assed attempt at exercising. So while my playlist includes a unique mashing of genres, you may want to tailor yours to your specific taste to keep you motivated. For this mix, the songs are not in order, but instead grouped into the different workouts I use them for.

STRETCHING: Stretching is a key part of any fitness routine. In the order listed below, they work well as a build up, and if you flip them at the end of your workout, they work pretty well as a cool down too.

  • "Sweet Disposition" by the Temper Trap
  • "Velvet" by the Big Pink

June 2012

After taking the entire month of May off, the What is back with a new format! Each month, we will present articles based around a central theme that fits with our goal of providing the twenty and thirty-something crowds with colorful ideas for everyday life. To start off this new way of doing things, the month of June will be dedicated to fitness and health. Enjoy, and thanks for reading.