27 April 2012

Pickelodeon: Philadelphia Science Festival 2012

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Philadelphia Science Festival 2012

If you have not been to a Philadelphia Science Festival event, you are missing out. Learning about chemistry and mechanics with beer, using comedy to discuss sexual impulses and food cravings, discussing instinct and survival in the context of a zombie apocalypse, speed dating, scavenger hunts, quizzo, and more make this fest unlike any science classroom you could imagine. The Philadelphia Science Festival is so cool that this is the second time we're reviewing it! (You can check out last year's preview here and the review here)

The 2012 Festival built upon the success of last year's extravaganza and the entire year of planning that went into this event shows. The Franklin Institute staff that run the Festival have outdone themselves and set the bar high for the 2013 event, assuming the aforementioned zombie apocalypse doesn't happen before then. Let's take a look at a few events that have stood out from this year's festival.

Song of the Day - 27.Apr.12

Living across the street from a bar known for its concerts is pretty cool. Many a night I can hear a band rocking out from my living room. On this particular night, Illinois will be gracing the stage at the North Star Bar. Ever since Nancy Botwin's "brick dance" on Weeds I have wanted to see this band live, and now they will be playing just a few steps from my front door. Unfortunately, I will be working, so I'll just have to settle for today's Song of the Day.

22 April 2012

Photo of the Day - 22.Apr.12

 In our travels around the world, we here at the What have been lucky enough to capture a few snazzy moments, people, and other random things with our cameras. We figured we should start sharing them with you. Enjoy! 

Date: 6.Aug.08
Location: Center City Philadelphia
Story: I have always loved the way the city looks on a rainy day. On this particular day almost four years ago, I was taking the 33 bus from 7th and Market toward the Franklin Institute. The rainwater was cascading down the bus window and I thought it looked pretty cool. I waited until we had pulled up near one of the coolest buildings in Philadelphia, the PSFS building, and snapped this shot. After today's bus ride in the rain that included a brief stop to push a stalled van to the side of the road, I remembered this photograph of another rainy day in Philadelphia.

16 April 2012

Song of the Day - 16.Apr.12

Since it is currently 88 degrees in Philadelphia, I figured I would break off a little preview of the 2012 Summer Mix. This little 80's gem will be on there with a lot of other fantastic warm weather jams. Enjoy.

05 April 2012

The Checklist - April 2012

The internet is full of magical, mystical things. So much, in fact, that it is sometimes hard to sift through all of the crap to get some decent information. In the interest of providing you with colorful ideas for everyday life, we here at the What present the Checklist so that you may find some helpful information from other sites along with a comic that makes us giggle.
Seduce Her With Your Space
Men's Health Magazine
Men's and women's magazines often times are a bit out of touch with the reality of everyday men and women, but every once and awhile they have some good information. For example, the Men's Health website recently posted an article about sprucing up your living space to boost your attractiveness to a potential significant other. Many of the tips in this article are spot on, a provide a good lead-in to some of our upcoming features relating to snazzing up your apartment. 

Rittenhouse Fair and Square
Philadelphia Art Alliance
I am a big fan of local, handmade goods. I even run a shop that focuses on the sale of such goods. So you can imagine how pleased I was to find that the Philadelphia Art Alliance has put together a special pop-up shop featuring some of Philly's finest artisans and craftspeople for the month of April. This shop will be open from 11-5, Tuesdays through Sundays from April 10-24. Be sure to swing by next time you find yourself in Rittenhouse Square.