22 April 2012

Photo of the Day - 22.Apr.12

 In our travels around the world, we here at the What have been lucky enough to capture a few snazzy moments, people, and other random things with our cameras. We figured we should start sharing them with you. Enjoy! 

Date: 6.Aug.08
Location: Center City Philadelphia
Story: I have always loved the way the city looks on a rainy day. On this particular day almost four years ago, I was taking the 33 bus from 7th and Market toward the Franklin Institute. The rainwater was cascading down the bus window and I thought it looked pretty cool. I waited until we had pulled up near one of the coolest buildings in Philadelphia, the PSFS building, and snapped this shot. After today's bus ride in the rain that included a brief stop to push a stalled van to the side of the road, I remembered this photograph of another rainy day in Philadelphia.

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