24 March 2011

Weekly Top Five - 24.Mar.11

In  High Fidelity, the characters compare their top fives in a variety of categories. Being big fans of both the film and novel, we here at the What bring you our Weekly Top Five, a feature focused on five fantastic things that you should become familiar with.

Where To Be This Month
April is a big month for the What, as we prepare to celebrate our first full year of bringing you colorful ideas for everyday life. As a part of that celebration, we want you to come and celebrate with us. During April, our awesome staff of writers will be out and about in Philadelphia at the following events, and we hope that you come join in the fun!

5. Glass Blowing - The majority of this list is populated with events connected to the Philadelphia Science Festival. The Science of Glass Blowing, a joint effort between Hudson Beach Glass and Philadelphia University, will be a live demonstration explaining the process of glass blowing. With mouth-blown glass being a great way to class up your apartment, the What will be in attendance to see how it's done. The event falls on April 16th, and begins at 6:30PM at Hudson Beach Glass in Old City.

4. Bingo at PYT - To longtime readers of the What, this is nothing new. We have been singing the praises of PYT and its weekly Bingo night for most of the last year. Held every Wednesday night from 8-10PM, buy in is free and prizes include beer, burgers, fries, shots, and swag. With themed nights, there is something for everyone at bingo. This coming Wednesday, fans of the epic It's Always Sunny episode featuring the dance-off can try their hand at Dance Your Ass Off Bingo. If you're looking for a trip down memory lane, there's A Night to Remember Bingo, which will feature a screening of Titanic. Finally, come celebrate the What's first birthday with Easter Bingo, complete with an Easter Egg Hunt.

10 March 2011

Mixtape Madness #4: March Forth

According to the novel High Fidelity the making of a good mix tape, like breaking up, is hard to do. Furthermore, a good mix is never finished. You never know when you will come across a song that changes the dynamic of the mix you just completed. There is a litany of intricacies to crafting the ideal mix no matter what the mix’s intended purpose should be. This feature is merely a guide on the cosmic highway of mix making, and while experienced, the writer does not claim to be an expert.

March Forth Mix
Every once and awhile, I throw together a mix that hits it just right. Realizing this, I may attempt to put out a monthly mix, inspired in part by Philadelphia Filmmaker Francis X. Friel, who still sends out actual mix tapes in the mail. Our first attempt at a monthly mix will be March Forth, a mix that begins with a welcome, gets deep and even a little insane before culminating with the end of the world.

1- "Welcome" by Dollabin
 Dollabin, the super smooth collaboration between noted crated diggers DJ Ian Head and Verbal Math, should be on everyone's radar. With a sweet laid back loop backing Verb's sly rhymes, "Welcome" is not only a fantastic example of Dollabin's work, but a great way to welcome you to the mix.

2- "Mine Is Yours" by Cold War Kids (Passion Pit Remix)
This track is the ultimate indiegasm for people who care about that sort of thing. Passion Pit takes a pretty decent song from the Cold War Kids and pimps it out in a synthesized way that only they can. I feel like this song would not be out of place in 1987, and I'm okay with that.

3- "I Need A Lover" by John Cougar Mellencamp
If you can't relate to this song, you either have not lived or you are just very lucky. After a lengthy intro, John "Don't call me Cougar" Mellencamp launches into a song about wanting a lover that won't drive him crazy. Amen brother.

4- "It Ain't Over Till It's Over" by Lenny Kravitz
This song found its way back into my life through Wawa. As I was getting a sandwich for lunch, this song came on, and everyone in the store started grooving. It was fantastic. Heads were bobbing, people young and old were singing along, it was borderline Gleeky (just without the cheese). Regardless, ever since that day, I have not been able to stop playing this track.

5- "Take Me Home Tonight" by Eddie Money & Ronnie Spector
Oh yeah, it's about to get real. We jump back to the 80's for this song that, to be honest, wouldn't have made it in any other decade. Just try to play this song without singing along or seriously shredding away on air guitar, I dare you. They should really play this at every bar around 12:30, it's perfect.

6- "Dance Yrself Clean" by LCD Soundsystem
I was admittedly late on discovering this song, which was sent to me as a video featuring some amateur Muppets. This is one of many times in which being a Muppet fanatic has worked in my favor because this song is fantastic. The slow build up to a banging party beat is done impeccably here. Check out the video here:

09 March 2011

Better Living Through Chemistry - Where To Live

I apologize for the delay between these entries, but I was on vacation. Then I spent the last two weekends sleeping on a museum floor. The time in between, at night, I didn't want to do anything but dream about still being on a beach with a drink in a coconut in my hand. Just like the picture of me on the left. Wow! I'm pasty white.

No more vacation; I'm back. So let's get on with the second installment of Better Living Through Chemistry: Where To Live