Writer's Section

Happy 2011! After spending 2010 as a one-man show, I'd like to open the What up to more writers. Should you be interested in putting the "free" in freelance, send a link to a writing sample to patrickwittwer@gmail.com. If you don't have any samples online, write your own installment of Weekly Top Five. Hope to hear from you soon!


Patrick Wittwer
Patrick enjoys being sideways
Patrick is a jack of all trades currently based in Philadelphia. When not running a history museum in Old City, he fills his free time with writing, photography, cooking, and travel. Patrick formed the What in 2010 in hopes of creating content geared toward young men and women, who have recently graduated, through the ups and downs of post-collegiate life. Some would say that Patrick has an unhealthy obsession with the Muppets, but those people just do not realize how awesome the Muppets are. For more from Patrick, check out his author page with Primer Magazine or follow him on Twitter: @TheWhatMagazine.

Sexual Yoda
Something shifty was happening on Yoda's right
Sex Columnist/Mystic Muppet
Not too much is known about the Sexual Yoda. The self-proclaimed mystic muppet grew up in a swamp and is a hero to nerds everywhere. At first, we here at the What assumed it was for his Jedi mind tricks and sweet lightsaber work. Now we know it is because the little green guy cleans up! When it comes to advice on love, sex, and dating, Yoda truly is the Master. If you have a question for the green guru of gettin' it, shoot him an email at sexualyoda@gmail.com and check back at the What for his latest column!

Amanda Buck
Amanda's tumor-killing face
It's a bird.  It's a plane.  It's...a Buck???  Amanda has been a Philadelphia suburbanite all 20some years of her existence and currently resides under a bridge in Conshohocken.  She loves all things music, art, beer, Philadelphia, and (especially) science related.  Travel and culture laden experiences are a top priority, and so is finishing a Master's In Public Health.  Amanda currently works as a Quality Control Analyst for a little-biotech-company-that-could, enforcing the production and release of vaccinations for Melanoma and Ovarian Cancer.  Saving fist-pumpers and baby makers one vaccination at a time.

Mickey Maley
Mickey: Our next fashion guru?
Scribe/Third Baseman
A resident of bag number three on the diamond, Mickey brings his unique perspective to the What with an assortment of topics. Like most writers at the What, Mickey is from Philadelphia, where he may or may not have used a liquid nitrogen cannon to hurl small objects. When Mickey is not gracing you with his writings, he is interpreting scientific concepts at the Franklin Institute or running so fast his trusty Phillies hat flies from atop his head.

Alyssa McIntyre
Horseradish is more than just a condiment to Alyssa
Hailing from somewhere between Philadelphia and the mysterious mid-state land known as Pennsyltucky, Alyssa brings a perspective unlike any other to the What. Though she thinks dressing as a pirate wench counts as being a superhero, her slant on things is still valued here. Alyssa's other activities include playing an assortment of musical instruments, teaching preschool, being Irish, and caring for a Jack Russel Terrier named Ziggy Stardust.