31 July 2012

Travelogue: The Disney Wedding Part I

I have always been quite the travel buff. Staying in one place has never suited me well, and I love experiencing new places, new cultures, and new people. So how do I make a trip to Walt Disney World, a place I spent a year of my life, something new and exciting? It's pretty easy, actually.

Love is the Reason
The main thing that sets this trip apart from previous Disney visits (1989, 2001, 2005) and working at Disney (2003, 2005) is the reason I will be there. The primary focus of this trip isn't a vacation or working, but a wedding. Disney weddings are legendary for being, well, legendary. The second reason is reuniting with some of my closest friends from my 2005 stint working for the Mouse in the place where it all began. In some cases, it's been weeks since I saw these friends, in other cases, many years. Somehow, we have managed to clump the last two American Pie sequels into one trip.

Getting There is Half the Fun
Typically, when one travels from the Northeast to Florida, a plane is involved. Occasionally quirkier folks will opt for a train ride, or the snazzy auto train from Virginia that allows you to bring your car along. Some brave souls take their chances with the price of gas along I-95. Being one of lesser wealth, I found another option: I'm taking the bus. Later this afternoon, I will walk down to Philadelphia's 30th Street Station and hop on the Megabus heading for DC. From there, an overnight Megabus ride will get me to Knoxville, TN early tomorrow morning. After breakfast, a museum visit, and a trolley ride around town, a third Megabus will drop me in Chattanooga. I'll spend a day in Chattanooga with a friend, and from there we will drive to Orlando. Sure, it will take awhile, but it was only $110 round-trip. That's less than half of the base fare for the cheapest flight!

Once this trip is over, I will check back in to let you know how it went. Was the epic bus ride a good idea? Can Disney really be done on a budget? How many weddings can a person attend in two weeks? Answers to all of these questions and more upon my return.

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