31 January 2011

Fashion Street: 48th & Baltimore

   I have never quite understood why those rich, famous and beautiful people on magazine covers have the privilege of defining new fashion statements. Us average folks wear clothes too, and quite well, thank you very much!  This is where Fashion Street comes in. Each week, I, Emily, your faithful fashion guru here at The What, will check out a new spot in Philadelphia and photograph the looks as they're happening. (Mostly by asking really, really nicely.) Let's get fashion off the runway and onto the streets! I'm excited to hear your comments about this venture, don't be quiet now. Fashion away!

48th & Baltimore, West Philadelphia

Oh my dears, as you on the East know this past week has been all winter without the wonderland. Ice and snow galore--but somehow it hasn't stopped my hard-core neighbors in West Philly from lookin' damn good. (What can I say, I'm biased). 

But seriously, I am loving the layers this winter. Check out this guy's stellar grey and black trench combo. Personally, he had me at the sunglasses. What a clever idea!

Not everyone is boasting the neutral colors this month. This young woman's coat pattern is incredible. Reminds me of these beauties. Her daring almost makes me want to give that long-legged look a go.

What about you, readers? Is this a long overcoat or short trench winter for you? I'd love to hear your views on the bold vs. neutral color conundrum too. Stay warm!

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