06 January 2011

Articles Worth Checking Out

Since joining Twitter, I have become exposed to a whole lot of information. Most of it is worthless, if not entertaining, but there is also a fair amount of decent content out there. With the knowledge that there are probably many people out there who either do not have a Twitter account or just have not seen these links, I thought I would share a few of the more interesting ones with you.

Tips On What Men Find Romantic
This particular article is an interview with Brooke Miller, author of the column Soapbox Therapy. Unlike many articles boasting similar information, Miller actually delivers with advice that is helpful and spot-on. For Miller's own writings, which are as entertaining as they are informative, check out her author page at Primer Magazine.

How to Decorate a Room So It Doesn't Scare Away Women
My apartment 4 years ago. Not how it would look today.
Gentlemen, you need to read this. Too often the homes or apartments of the mid-twenties to early thirties crowd are just plain disasters. How you decorate and keep the place you call home says a great deal about you as a person, and this article is a fantastic resource in helping you get on the right track. If you need more help, look for Operation Classy Apartment, a feature detailing my move into a new place and subsequent classing up of the joint. For more from Meghan  McLachlan, the author of this piece, click here.

GEDO Presents "Assemblages"
Following the success of their debut event "Endangered City," the folks at GEDO are back with "Assemblages." This event, at the Mount Airy Arts Garage, will focus more on pieces using reclaimed/re-purposed materials. They are looking for artists and musicians to participate, so click the link above to get in touch with them soon! If you are more the type who enjoys looking at art more than making it, keep your schedule clear for First Friday, March 4th at 5PM.

10 Best Bets for $75 or Less
Dappered is quickly becoming one of my preferred sites to check when it comes to all things stylish. Unlike Esquire and GQ, who assume their readers can afford a $20,000 watch, Dappered knows its audience and their limits well. This list of items ranging from wallets to jackets is a good indication of that. Gents, if it any time its suggested you could be a contestant on What Not to Wear, try swinging by Dappered.com for a lesson or two on how to look the part.

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