16 March 2012

Joke of the Day - 16.Mar.12

A recent conversation reminded me of one of my favorite gags of all time. Instead of just posting it on Facebook, I figured why not share it with more people? So, in addition to Photo and Song of the Day, now we here at the What will be sharing some of our favorite jokes, gags, and other things to tickle your funny bone.

For me, there is no other way to kick off this feature than with the funniest moment in television history. It comes from an episode of Taxi, which boasted one of the best casts of its time. To set up the clip, the good people of the Sunshine Cab Company help Reverend Jim (Christopher Lloyd) try to get a job as a cab driver when they discover he did not have a driver's license. They take him to the DMV for his test, and hilarity ensues.

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