02 February 2012

Sexual Yoda: Email Me You Should

Greetings Whatlings and welcome to the What's official column offering advice on all things love, sex, dating, and more! I, the Sexual Yoda, will use my years of knowledge, experience, and expertise to guide you through the galaxy of love, getting you out of that Solo rut and Skywalking your way toward Lando-ing a decent Leia or C-ing all the 3PO you can handle. Send your questions to sexualyoda@gmail.com and with a little help from I, your favorite mystic muppet, get some you will.

Alas, dear Whatlings, been too long it has. I, your favorite mystic Muppet, am a little advanced in the years. Therefore, I tend to take my winters in a warmer climate (Greetings from Tattooine!). During this extended vacation, I have been lax in checking my emails. In due time I shall have a fire lit under my green ass and will get around to answering said emails. The topics are grand and wide-ranging, from new flames to extinguished flames to fanning flames, they are all quite hot. Punning aisde, your questions have not fallen on deaf ears and will be answered soon! For those of you who have not yet sought the wisdom of my Jedi genius, I say to you this: email me you should! Send your questions to dear old Sexual Yoda at this address: sexualyoda@gmail.com. I promise to be much better at timely responses in the future. May the force be with you!

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