07 February 2011

Fashion Street: Broad St.

I have never quite understood why those rich, famous and beautiful people on magazine covers have the privilege of defining new fashion statements. Us average folks wear clothes too, and quite well, thank you very much!  This is where Fashion Street comes in. Each week, I, Emily, your faithful fashion guru here at The What, will check out a new spot in Philadelphia and photograph the looks as they're happening. (Mostly by asking really, really nicely.) Let's get fashion off the runway and onto the streets! I'm excited to hear your comments about this venture, don't be quiet now. Fashion away!

Broad Street, Center City

Dear little readers, this week I took a trip down to the smack-dab center of Philadelphia: Broad St. Not, of course, to be confused with Broadway. But still, loads of funky, art-lovin' folks. (U Arts anyone?)

This week I really wanted to find some sweet boots. You don't know this, kiddos, but I am a huge sucker for boots. Oh yes. Any and all shapes and sizes-it's a miracle of hoardy-ness that I only own one pair! But here are two of my favorites boot finds on Broad:

1. The utility boot! You can scale mountains, squish soda cans to a pulpy-aluminum mess and brave those sloshy winter days without fear. 

2. The trendy boot! You could maybe cross yonder ravine if you were good. Probs. But they're just so gosh darn nice.

3. The not-a-boot. Yup, you got me my dears. I couldn't resist throwing this wonderful shot in despite the obvious lack of boots, or footwear of any kind. But you gotta love that hair.

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