05 February 2011

Best Dressed Weekly

Oh readers, I have a confession to make - I am super indecisive. I just like too many things. ESPECIALLY when it comes to fashion. It's a horrible curse- it took me hours to sort through photos and pick those two you saw this week (no joke, it's that bad).

And so, in an effort to fix this problem (and give you  more pictures to look at - woot!) I will strive to choose one (yes only ONE) ultra-chic, extra-fab and lucky best dressed person. Here goes nothin'.

Congrats to this week's  leader in style: Girl in Black with Bags! Those yellow leather gloves are my favorite, and the hat! Rock it, girl in black.

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  1. Is she wearing a fur fringed coat, or is it a second scarf? Two scarves would be an interesting trend to see.


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