09 November 2011

The Checklist - November 2011

The internet is full of magical, mystical things. So much, in fact, that it is sometimes hard to sift through all of the crap to get some decent information. In the interest of providing you with colorful ideas for everyday life, we here at the What present the Checklist so that you may find some helpful information from other sites.

Sex Position of the Month
Women's Health Magazine
Ah, where would we be without a magazine telling us how to have sex? Nevertheless, sex is important for a healthy life and a healthy relationship, so why not spice it up a bit with the Ballet Dancer? After a glance at the illustration, another appropriate name for this one may be the tripod. No matter what they call it, Women's Health chooses a different position each month, so check it out!

Seasonal Styles
Primer Magazine
Every so often, Primer Magazine publishes a feature called the Get Up. Usually focused on a season or a situation, this is the perfect guide for guys who are trying to dress a bit better. I mentioned how I changed my style at the outset of 2011, and articles like the Get Up were a handy way of doing so. The most recent post highlights what to wear on an early winter Wednesday. 

Muppet Maniacs
Tough Pigs
With the opening of The Muppets just two weeks away, buzz is building. The Muppets have been everywhere recently, from Ellen DeGeneres' couch to a WWE ring. For some, all of this attention may seem odd, but it's nothing new for the crew over at toughpigs.com. If you are even half the Muppet fan that I am, you owe it to yourself to keep up to date with these Muppet fans who grew up.

Map it Out
Gmaps Pedometer
Runners, rejoice! The best way to plan your route is, of course, on the internet. This handy little web-tool utilizes Google Maps to track mileage. Gmaps Pedometer is ideal for training for a race, as you can alter routes to add or subtract mileage as needed. For fitness freaks, there is a calories-burned estimator as well. My, how handy the interwebs be.

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