14 September 2011

Pickelodeon: Tie Snug

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Tie Snug

You're out on the town, looking snazzy, and having a good time. Inevitably, during said good time, the tie that is really making your get up work has slid out of place and it's looking a little sloppy. Or maybe you are working a long day, and the boss wants you in a 4PM meeting. You forget to tighten your tie and suddenly you are looking a few steps shy of the professional appearance you were sporting that morning. There is always the option of tightening your tie several times throughout the day, constantly checking the mirror to see how it looks, and devoting way too much time to your neckwear in general. Or you could just skip all of that and get yourself a Tie Snug.

The people over at Tie Snug pride themselves on providing a product that ensures no more slipping, no more adjusting, and improved tie comfort. As a casual tie wearer, I was not sure how this product would benefit me. I am not required to wear a tie at work (though I often do anyway) and when I do wear a tie for a night out, I often have it loosened with my collar button undone. So I passed the Tie Snug along to someone who wears a tie six days out of the week. What he found is that at 5:30 in the morning, he could not figure out how to get the Tie Snug to work. I gave it a swing and was met with the same result.

Work It
Each Tie Snug comes with an illustrated card with directions on how to use the product. I have found that if this still is not getting you from point A to point B, swing over to the Tie Snug website. There you will find a handy little video that shows you exactly how to operate this little accessory. For you early-rising tie wearers, I recommend giving it a whirl the night before so you get the hang of it, so that when 5:30 rolls around and you are trying to dress in the dark without waking your lady you can still work this little wonder into your knot and spend the rest of your day looking dapper.

Wear It
Shortly after giving it to a regular tie wearer to test, I had several opportunities to use it myself.The first occasion saw me in a full suit with your standard tie. After a day of traveling, going in and out of a variety of environments, and experiencing an earthquake, my tie was still securely in place and stylish. The same could not be said for my shelves, but that was the earthquake's fault. Several days later, the mercury finally slipped below 80 and I decided to give the Tie Snug a test drive with a skinny tie. It held up just as well as it did with a normal-sized tie. The important thing in both tests is that I have a rather large neck and often loosen ties to feel less like I am being strangled by a baby. With the Tie Snug, I was able to keep my look intact and feel comfortable at the same time, which is a welcome change.

Own It
For now, the Tie Snug is available exclusively from the makers. You can order it online directly from their website, or via a toll free call to 1-877-737-7643. Both of these options are available 24/7. The Tie Snug is available for $29.95, but for a limited time you can use coupon code "THEWHAT" to get $5 off of your order (Good from Sep. 15th-30th). If you are not known for your tie styles, you may want to consider grabbing one for your pops as it's never too early to start shopping for the holidays.

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