13 June 2011

Sexual Yoda: Happy Medium You Will Find

Greetings Whatlings and welcome to the What's official column offering advice on all things love, sex, dating, and more! I, the Sexual Yoda, will use my years of knowledge, experience, and expertise to guide you through the galaxy of love, getting you out of that Solo rut and Skywalking your way toward Lando-ing a decent Leia or C-ing all the 3PO you can handle. Send your questions to sexualyoda@gmail.com and with a little help from I, your favorite mystic muppet, get some you will.

Greetings Whatlings! I, Sexual Yoda, have had a busy month since last we corresponded. Fear not, for I still am full of wisdom to share with you. After dusting off my trusty lightsaber and taking it out for a little fun, my mystical muppet mind is ready to drop some knowledge. A visit to Fraggle Rock (great group of guys and gals) for a short vacation has also done wonders for me. As some bonus advice for you, dear Whatlings, I highly encourage both of these activities for clearing the mind. Now onto our letter:

Dear Sexual Yoda,

I have major commitment issues, like it took me 3 tries to even send this message...and I can be obnoxious..I'm dating someone though who is showing me more and more to be a bit too sensitive. How can I continue making the standard rape joke without offending my new boing buddy?

Rihannaderservedit Rita


Oh my. Let's take this one issue at a time. Firstly, different people have commitment issues for different reasons. Unfortunately, it's up to you to figure out what your reason is. It could be as simple as not wanting to give up getting random rolls in the sack with Mr. or Ms. Right Now or as complicated as being afraid to fully let one person into your life. The idea of fully committing to one person, and trusting that one person with your life is a frightening thing. If this person, while sensitive to your off-color jokes, is someone worthwhile perhaps you may try asking them flat out if they are someone that can be trusted. You may also want to ask if they can accept you as you are, because I sense you are not one who is very willing to change for just anyone, or anyone at all for that matter.

As for your joke's and your boink buddy's sensitivity, a happy medium you will have to find. Offensive jokes, while sometimes funny to some, are just that: offensive. Find out why your mate seems to be particularly put aside by these jokes, and reach some sort of understanding. Keep in mind that while you may be hesitant to change for your boink buddy, said buddy could be just as unwilling to bend on their side of the issue. As with everything in the galaxy of love, a frank, open and honest discussion will go along way in solving your problems. May the force be with you.

Until next time,
Sexual Yoda

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