04 November 2010

Weekly Top Five - 4.Nov.10

In  High Fidelity, the characters compare their top fives in a variety of categories. Being big fans of both the film and novel, we here at the What bring you our Weekly Top Five, a feature focused on five fantastic things that you should become familiar with.

Movies To Add To Your Collection

In an effort to broaden your cinematic horizons, here are our picks for five movies you should have in your collection. Each film brings something different to the table, and will add a bit of variety in with your Apatow and Ocean's flicks, not that there's anything wrong with those.

5. The Wackness (2008) - This film is the story of an eighteen-year-old drug dealer trying to be cool and score with a hot girl he graduated with, set in 1994 Manhattan. Aside from the interesting characters and odd relationships they forge, pick this one up for the fantastic early 1990's hip-hop soundtrack. It stars Joshua Peck, Olivia Thirlby, and Ben Kingsley with cameos from Mark-Kate Olsen and Method Man. For the ladies: Charming, quirky love story. For the lads: Weed and old school hip-hop.

4. Love Actually (2003) - Tired of the same old romantic comedies and chick flicks? Well, this one is the ultimate romcom, the chickiest of the flicks. But it works. However, amidst all of the relationship drama, there is plenty of comedy. Good comedy. Plus, the film stars about half of the most famous British people you could think of. For the ladies: Romcom at its best. For the lads: Hilarity from Bill Nighy and frequent nudity.

3. Once Upon A Time In Mexico (2003) - This Robert Rodriguez flick is the ultimate homage to Spaghetti Westerns. The action sequences are so good that they make Enrique Iglesias look badass as a guitar-wielding pistolero. The true stars of this movie are Antonio Banderas and Johnny Depp; Banderas for his strong, silent portrayal of El Mariachi, and Depp for his spot-on performance as a rogue CIA agent. One of the best action movies out there. For the ladies: Johnny Depp. Oh, and Antonio Banderas. Did I mention Enrique? For the lads: Guitars, explosions, and Eva Mendes.

2. Casablanca (1943) - So you want a film standard to class up your library? Avoid Citizen Kane like the plague and pick up a copy of Casablanca. This incredible film features Ingrid Bergman opposite an at-his-best Humphrey Bogart. Unlike many classics, this film remains as popular and as watchable as it was when it was released nearly seventy years ago. For the ladies: The quintessential love story. For the lads: Rick - the ultimate badass.

1. 28 Days Later (2003) - Clearly 2003 was a good year for movies. It feels odd adding this to the list, but I've encountered a surprising number of people who do not own the movie. If you don't, you should. It is arguably the best horror movie to come out in the past ten years, and few films can reach the level of suspense that this flick from Danny Boyle does. For the ladies: Cillian Murphy's penis. For the lads: Zombiesque infected people. Really fast ones.

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  1. I concur. Avoid Citizen Kane. Who makes a movie about a sled?


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