18 October 2010

PRIMER - Fall Beer Review

Click the image above to be taken to the full article on Primer Magazine's website. Read on for a few notes and quotes that I cut from the final article.

Magic Hat Hex
  • "What is fall about this?" Ashley
  • "The burp tastes better." Adam
  • "Tastes like water." Buddy
  • "Bland, unremarkable." Candy
Magic Hat Oktoberfest
  • "Tastes better when held in mouth longer." Mary
  • Ashley and Patrick noted a fruity, apple aroma.
Abita Pecan Harvest
  • "Tastes like disgusting." Debra
  • "Not good." Buddy
  • "Smells like poop. Pecan taste is failure. Tastes like dirty nuts." Mary
Flying Dog Dogtoberfest Marzen

  • "Spunky beer but with a solid taste." Debra
PBC Joe Coffee Porter
  • "Smells like Juan Valdez's dirty diaper. Tastes like bad coffee." Debra
  • "DON'T LIKE IT!" Charlie
Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin Ale
  • "Smells like hop and barley sex." Patrick
  • "Smells terrific when first opened, taste reveals over-spicing." Debra
  • "Smells great, doesn't follow through on taste - needs more spice." Mary
  • "Great smell, good pumpkin flavor and after taste. One of the few beers to use pumpkin well." Charlie
Dogfish Head Punkin Ale
  • Alyssa noted hints of cinnamon while Debra and Charlie noted that it goes down nice and smooth.
  • "This smells happy." Patrick
  • Mary suggests that this beer is better when left to warm up a bit.
Paulaner Oktoberfest Marzen
  • "(It tastes) like someone butt-raped a hop." Andy
  • "If you are a hipster vampire, you will love this taste of iron blood beer." Alyssa
  • "I'd rather drink my own blood." Alyssa
  • "Disgusting after taste." Charlie
  • "Tastes like blood. I feel a growing aversion to garlic." Debra
  • "Tastes like a blood-flavored corn tortilla." Ashley
Blue Moon Harvest Moon
  • "I wish this beer was a snack so I could eat it." Patrick
  • "Good, but not fall enough." Adam
  • "It goes down easy and smooth but lacks motivation to continue with another bottle." Debra
  • "Rich and hearty with a full-bodied taste." Charlie
  • "(I) prefer Blue Moon, Harvest Moon is a fail." Alyssa
Magic Hat Odd Notion Fall 2010
  • "Great bouquet, watered-down flavor." Charlie
  • "Smells fruity but tastes watered-down. The smell is better than the taste." Patrick
  • "Apple jolly rancher smell, apple jolly rancher and plastic taste." Adam

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